Never say die attitude mix with talent creates an artist that can stand the test of time. With the innate ability to create Parys Sylver has wrote numerous songs, stories, as well as choreographed numerous dances, and acted in numerous shows and plays. With another book in the works, Parys breathes in college life and enjoys being ordinary but has yet calmed down. Parys has just released his first major release "The BabyGurl Tales" and will release a sountrack also entitled "Parys Sylver Presents... The BabyGurl Tales Soundtrack".

The BabyGurl Tales Soundtrack

February 28th, 2008 + 8:02 PM  ·  Parys

I think I am about to make history ladies and gentlemen. I am about to create a soundtrack to a book. I know it sounds silly, but i recently released a book entitled "The BabyGurl Tales" and it is an urban fiction which is popular now-a-days. Well what better way to promote it then to add music with it. Teens will hear these songs and realized they are tied into a book and are likely to pick it up. This also gives me a chance to show off my musical side. So I can't wait to it's release (May 23). Hope you are all enjoying my music. Thank you all.

God Bless.

Right Here Waiting

February 26th, 2008 + 8:02 PM  ·  Parys

Recorded by Jaydub, perhaps second single off "Parys Sylver Presents... The BabyGurl Tales Soundtrack". I'm thinking about changing it, making it more dancier, it seems too, depressing. But if we stay the mellow route, i will make it more emotionally compelling.

Fire (snippet)

February 25th, 2008 + 5:02 PM  ·  Parys

Snippet intrumental off the "Parys Sylver Presents... The BabyGurl Tales Soundtrack". Produced by Parys Sylver.

Promise Me

February 25th, 2008 + 5:02 PM  ·  Parys

Lead single off the "Parys Sylver Presents... The BabyGurl Tales Soundtrack". Recorded by Precious Baby. Remix coming soon.


August 2nd, 2007 + 11:08 AM  ·  Parys

I want to basically expose this, i recently discovered she once had a profile here. I used to work on her "official" site. Me and here met via something called "Student Center" basically she was a singer who "just got a major deal" sound like bull to me, but she did get some type of minor deal, they released (limitedly) a single called "Sweet" which like tanked. I was making sure the site kept up, but then i decided to concentrate on my life and not heres, so i quit. The bitch flipped out! That was around 2004, a little bit before graduation. But Anywho, i think she started like doing covers with out permission of songs. Rather she completely ripped them off i am not sure.

Her name was brooke, she was from Portland,Oregon and her voice in my opinion wasnt that strong, as you can see in these song she has left. I heard the final cut of "Crystal Clear" and i was sure that wasnt her. Also she is 27, not 19 or however old she claimed to be. Just thought i'd shed some light on that.
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